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  • RECIPES: Meals, supplements and food hacks
  • Community: Support from experienced keto dieters 
  • Tips: How to info on how to do keto right
ATTENTION: For those who are serious about Losing Fat, Building Muscle and Transforming your Physique...
Science. Research. an Evidence-Based Approach to a Ketogenic Diet
Our clients are getting startling results on a keto diet...
"I've seen incredible results since starting in the Academy. As a mom of 8, I didn't have time to figure out  training and nutrition on my own. My coach set everything up for me so that all I had to do was follow the plan. Now that I can do!" - Jaymie


Personal Trainer


  • Nutrition: Most trainers aren't certified fitness nutritionists and don't support the Keto Diet approach
  • Cost: Can cost up to $100/hr!! For just 4x week at 8 weeks that's $3200!
  • Support: Your trainer isn't available outside your 1hr in the gym to ask questions!

Prepackaged Food


  • Nutrition: Eating boxed processed foods boxes you in!
  • Cost: $353/mo for 2 months without personal guidance is $706!
  • Support: Eating out of a box doesn't teach you to eat for your goals in real world situations

Do It Yourself


  • Nutrition: Keep guessing at the right approach for your body type
  • Cost: Lose time with trial and error trying and failing on your own
  • Support: Continue to do it isolated on your own without the accountability of a coach and the camaraderie of others on the same journey

Our online coaching model makes it easy for you to get the science-based knowledge and coaching you need. Get one-on-one coaching with a Keto Coach along with the support and accountability of a group!
What You Will Have Access to in the Coaching Program:
Personal Coach
 Custom Macros and Training
  • Unlmited Access: Ongoing access to your coach to reach out for questions, guidance and motivation through private messaging
  • Custom Nutrition: Your coach will set up custom macros based on your unique body composition and training based on your level of experience
  • Weekly Check-in: for feedback on progress!
Training Guidance 
Demo Videos
  • Track on your phone: Start and log your workout right on your phone! All training is scheduled by your coach
  • Demo Videos: Not sure how to complete a movement or shy about not knowing what to do in the gym? Each exercise has a video demo to show you exactly how to complete the movement so you can approach the gym with confidence!
  • Form Checks: Submit videos to your coach for form checks!
Group Chat 
A community of support
  • Group Chat: You'll be added to a secret private coaching group chat to gain the support of others on the same journey
  • Sharing: Members share recipes, pics of meals, workout successes and more
  • Best Practices: Ask the group for advice and experienced members will share their best practices to help you!
Coaching App 
Track Progress

See all your stats in one place! Only you and your coach have visibility to your workouts, nutrition and progress photos. Now you can see everything in one place including graphs and personal bests everytime you reach a new goal.
Calorie Tracking
Sync your Fitbit and Myfitnesspal accounts to import your data for you and your coach! Review calorie expenditure, food diaries and more. Easy access to all your information in one place,

Accelerate Results 
Execute the Plan
Coaching clients see accelerated results. Instead of spending time trying different diets and failing, they're able to focus on what matters -putting in the day to day work of executing a well-formulated keto diet and training program created by a coach.
Real Results.
"I tried different diets on my own and could never stick to anything. The motivation from my coach and the group chat kept me on track!" - Stephen


Your Coach is not only trained and certified, but also LIVES a ketogenic lifestyle and has made a transformation of their own! After gaining weight for 20+ years and becoming morbidly obese, Jeremy (Fat Adapted Athlete OFFICIAL) decided it was time to change. He discovered the power of the ketogenic diet and used it to completely transform his body, mind, and health.

Now, he's helping others make the change. As a certified fitness nutritionist and online coach, he guides others to make incredible transformations and navigate the ketogenic diet to optimize their body composition. 




Let's tackle your most pressing questions about the keto diet and your particular progress towards your health and fitness goals. We'll discuss:

  • KETO DIET: Learn to do keto the optimal way
  • TRAINING: Based on equipment availability and experience
  • MOTIVATION: Group accountability 
  • ​SUPPLEMENTS: All you need to be successful
  • GOALS: Custom program built to suit your individual goals


90 Day Coaching

90 Days to jump start your Physique! Our coaches prepare a custom nutrition and exercise program based on your unique health history and body composition. Our coaches are available daily to help you cross the finish line!

6 Month Coaching

6 Months to your OPTIMAL SELF!
Our coaches prepare a custom nutrition and exercise program based on your unique health history and body composition. Our coaches are available daily to help you cross the finish line!

One Year Coaching

One entire year dedicated to changing your lifestyle and building one you can maintain for a lifetime. Our coaches prepare a custom nutrition and exercise program based on your unique health history and body composition. Our coaches are available daily to help you cross the finish line!
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